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Each physical organ receives direct influences from a subtle organ with a similar function.

The best known subtle organs are the aura, the aura-soma, the electromagnetic field, the chakras and the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is already part of our organic composition. Millenniums of evolution have passed before our physical body could codify and incorporate it.

Organically speaking, we have five senses. More perceptive people begin to build the sixth sense, the intuition. More sensitive people – called “mediums”, “psychics” – are developing the third eye view, which is the clairvoyance, a more elaborate hearing. They are the ones who can listen to the spiritual world. As a natural consequence, people who have dedicated their lives to spirituality had the development of other senses.

I think I did not choose to dedicate my life to the spiritual life. Now I know that I had made this commitment before incarnating. I reached this conclusion when I was twenty-nine although, the idiosyncrasies and the peculiarities which were naturally awaken in myself since I was born, led some of my relatives to look for a remedy in the spirituality . Seeing me ill, the doctors, could not reach a diagnosis different from “atypical disease”, which my family heard since I was tree years old.  The door for them to open themselves to look for the spirituality to cure my physical illnesses was the absence of hope, the scare of seeing me dead, and this became a habit: I got ill, the doctors could not find a diagnosis and my family took me to a spiritual house trying to reestablish my physical health. Afraid of being excluded from the society they lived, they did it hidden. It was like this until I was eighteen, when I found out I did not need to get ill: these illnesses were atypical rheumatic fever, paralysis of the kidneys, small strokes. I found out that I could not use spirituality only as a remedy, I had to know more, refine my energies and align myself.

They told me that the spirituality had a Project for me. I confess that at eighteen, being yet very ignorant about spirituality, I felt myself invaded and I thought: “How does it work? The spirituality has a project for me? I wanted to have a Project for myself.”

However, despite of this questioning, I decided to stay and during nine years I lived in a farm-school where I was initiated in the knowledge and in the White Magic of the elements of nature, the Water, the Earth, the Fire, the Air, the Wood, the Rivers, the Waterfalls. As it was an ancestral “Iorubá” Culture house, they called the Sea, “Iemanjá”, the fresh Waters, “Oxum”, the Earth and the Fire, “Ogum”, the female fire, “Iansã”, the male fire, “Xangô” – this is a long story -. It was not a religious house, it was a house that studied the influence of the nature’s energies upon us, human beings, and for this reason it was not a house of “Candomblé” or “Umbanda”, it was more devoted to the knowledge and medicine than to the myths and mystifications of the elements of nature.

When I was twenty-eight I left this house because they told that everything they could have taught me have already been taught, that I was ready to canalize with the Spirituality, that would teach me other things, other initiations.  And I found out, knowing this Spirituality at twenty-nine, the reason why all of my life been near the energies of Nature and Spirituality.

This path of mine would not be as hard If my family were not so prejudiced, however, knowing myself as I do, it is good that it was the way it was because now I recognize: I have really incarnated with a spiritual commitment, and if I fought that much against the prejudices of my family, it is because there was a very strong internal call bringing me closer and deeper into Spirituality.

Unfortunately, in our planet, the spiritual matters, and, mainly, the spiritual intelligence, is treated with disrepute, banality, superficiality and irony, mainly due to the behavior of the majority of the mediums that values much more the phenomenon than its meanings.

I always understood the phenomenon in myself as a mutation, the growth of a subtle organ that opened my channels to more important learnings. This was the value I gave to the phenomena: they needed to happen to originate mutations in my physical body making the information accessible. Today I am sure that if I had chosen to stop in the phenomena, using them as a way of convincing others – what they call of morbid exposal – I would have not achieved my mission of reaching out a communication that, I repeat, I feel myself in the obligation, duty and right of sharing with as many who want to read or listen.

This is my way of loving my path, of loving God above all things, of loving my neighbor as myself.

Halu Gamashi


(This is the first text of the collection on the theme “Pineal – Spiritual Inteligence“)


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