The Paths of the Grail

“From Time to Time a Special Light gets closer to the habitants of the Earth.

In 2018, as of the Full Moon of April, a very special energy will be upon some places of the Planet .

I have received information that this energy can make us stronger during the apocalyptical period.

It is no longer possible to doubt that we are in the middle of the apocalypse. 

In these times, the contact with dense energies, pollution, and violence makes all people worse. 

In a first moment, becoming colder and unconnected from everything seems like a protection. In a second moment, this coldness and alienation goes towards family, friends and people we love. This is the beginning of the process of beastialization. 

Staying alert is need.

Making contact with special Energies truly protect us.

These energies, magnetized to our auric field, protect us by helping in the alignment of all energies of our electromagnetic field, especially, in cases where we need to live, somehow, with the above mentioned negative situations.

Évora, Portugal

Évora, Portugal

Planet Earth has four seasons. Each season is responsible for one task: Cleaning Energies – Winter; Creative Energies – Spring; Executor Energies – Summer; Energies who balance all the others – Autumn.

In 2018 spring and summer in the north hemisphere will have more access to operate their virtues.

I believe many people have heard of Agharta, if not, I recommend a research.

In spring and summer of 2018 (north hemisphere), in some places, the spiritual food of Agharta will be released and magnetized to all living beings.

I will be doing an Energetic Work in one of this locations.

This invitation is for everyone who feels engaged into travelling for self-knowledge. Places and dates will be oriented by the Spirituality.

I have already been travelling through Brasil and the World with groups working for self-knowledge and canalization of subtle and luminous energies which manifest in special places indicated by the Spirituality for more than 25 years.”

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Açores, Portugal


    “Going on a pilgrimage is to create a bond, bringing clarity to the synchronicities that are already present in our day by day. Life is a pilgrimage, going to work is going on a pilgrimage, going to school is going on a pilgrimage, getting up in the morning for taking a shower is going on a pilgrimage.

    Our proposal is to bring clarity, questioning, investigation on each sintony and synchronicity that occurs in the days we go on pilgrimage together. Our pilgrimage is joyful, is sad, is boring, is fantastic, is happy, is enlightened, because in a pilgrimage process we work with all of this. The Sadness and its reasons, the Repetitions and its reasons, the Joy and its origins, Happiness and its origins. Happiness, Joy, Love and Understanding have Origin. Rage, Hate, and Envy have reasons.

    This is the biggest difference between the Subtle Luminous Behavioral Processes and Dark Behavioral Processes. The Luminous have Origin; a work has been done; a rooting has been done; a search was carried out; a refining process for the Love to emerge, for the Joy to emerge, for the Happiness to emerge, for the contentment to emerge, for the Peace.

    All this is an achievement, thus, the luminous behaviors and consequences of our life have an origin and the dark behaviors have reasons why and why do we the have these dark behaviors? Because we have not made the Origin, we have not planted, we have not sowed the positive in our lives, inside of us, in our ideal.”

    Halu Gamashi


    Halu did a pilgrimage with her group through many cities of Portugal during the period of December 2016 to March 2017, you can see here some photos of it.

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    Photographs taken by Gabriel de Magalhães.


    Read here some of the messages Halu wrote during her pilgrimages.